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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Shock: Peggy Joseph has to pay her mortgage and gas for her car

  I have to admit I'm pretty shocked at the following video in which the (in)famous Obama supporter Peggy Joseph denounces Obama for the phony "Wizard" of Schlock that he is.
  Peggy, you'll recall, is the weepy dame who claimed that once Obama was elected she wouldn't have to pay her mortgage or gas bill.
  Sigh. We tried to tell her.
  Now that she's a racist like the rest of us who disagree with Obama, well, she's entered the world of reality, not the phony Utopia Obama is selling, as depicted in the new movie "There's No Place Like Utopia" released soon.
  What you will hear her say NOW is a pretty remarkable endorsement of the American Dream, hard work and the acquisition of political knowledge, something she admits she didn't have when she burst onto the national scene as the starry eyed Obamabot who believed the oceans would roll back in response to Obama's election.

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