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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Barack Obama: the empty chair presidency

  We asked a couple days ago if Obama is cracking up. This was before Obama's bizarre 49 second response to the destruction of a plane with almost 300 human lives, evocative of his equally strange response to the shootings at Fort Hood.
  Word had come through by 11:45 a.m. EST that the plane had been shot down.Daily Mail says that Obama "ignored a question" about the crash as he left for his fundraisers.
 You can see from his behavior that Obama took the murders to heart:
At approximately  12:50 pm, the motorcade stopped at the Charcoal Pit, a popular, established restaurant just north of Wilmington, Del. Known for its burgers and sundaes. Obama shook hands and mingled with many of the diners, stopping at one point to pick up seven-month old Jaidyn Oates, and pose for a photo.
He invoked Vice Presiident  Biden’s name a few names, noting to some diners, “Me and Joe, we share shakes all the time,” and to others, “Biden told me the burgers are pretty good.”
Just before hugging another young girl, whose mother lifted her across the booth to hug the president, Obama asked, “Do you give good hugs?”
At 1:01 pm Obama declared, “I’m starving!” He sat down to eat with Tanei Benjamin, who wrote the president  a year ago. The president ordered a 4-ounce “Pit special,”  which is burger with fries. He asked for it to be done medium well, and to have lettuce and tomato. He also asked for a  water with lemon.
  To cheers before his fundraising admirers, Obama at 2:10 declared that it "may have been a terrible tragedy" and that our "first priority" was to find out how many Americans were aboard. 
   Daily Mail says that Obama "ignored a question" about the crash as he left for the fundraiser and that as people watched his statement they were shocked, as I was:
Traveling in Denver, this reporter heard gasps from guests watching a hotel lobby television as Obama spoke. 
One remarked: 'A tragedy is when you lose control and fly into a mountainside. This is mass-murder. What a disappointment.'
His distance from reality is just bizarre,' said another.
  A few words later and Obama was off cracking jokes about inane subjects.
  I was running around getting ready for company when the news came across the wire about the plane; I leaned in to listen to Obama's broadcast response about the plane.
  I waited for something, something to indicate he had some connection with what happened. I was shocked and confused that he moved so quickly from the crash to cheerfully talking about politics to those who've paid to hear him knock Republicans.
  It was eerie, hearing the same kind of chillingly uninterested unemotional response that Obama seems to have toward the responsibilities of his office.
  His handlers quickly realized that Obama had made a fool of himself again and quickly sent minions out to assure the public that Obama was being kept informed, in the loop and scheduled a news conference for the following day, where Obama feigned limp concern thereby initiating more consternation among foreign policy analysts.
  This is the typical response to Obama's peculiar absences: he's being kept informed . 
  The President of the United States is nowhere to be found, but someone's filling him in on what's happening.
  Very reassuring.
  He's not just an embarrassment at this point; he's dangerous.
  He's also ruining the prospects of his party, as Americans everywhere except the New York Times readers are revolted by his narcissism and deliberate destruction of both American values and traditions.
  Obama currently calls himself "the bear" which Dan Bongino has labeled appropriate, considering that he's "hibernated throughout his presidency."
  Earlier in May, Obama, feeling the weight of the office, decided to surprise Washingtonians by walking around DC, droppin' his g's, and glad handing any baby that happened to be near by. 
  This, more than any other video, symbolizes the Obama presidency.

  Turns out Clint was right.
  This is the empty chair presidency.

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