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Monday, June 11, 2012

Obama Administration Did Not Ask NYT to Spike Leak

Taking up where my partner's post on this subject left off Pat Caddell appearing on Hannity accused National Security Advisor Tom Donilon of leaking classified information to burnish Obama's reputation as a serious defense hawk. This is the position that has been held by the likes of McGeorge Bundy, Henry Kissinger, and Condoleezza Rice. Obama has cheapened the Office of the Presidency to such an extent he appointed a political operative to that sensitive position with the expected results. Donilon has put Barack Obama's and the Democratic Party's political well being above the security of every American and many foreign nationals who have cooperated with the United States. The pharmacist who aided in verifying the DNA of Osama bin Laden is doing 33 years in a Pakistani prison because of Donilon. The Saudi double agent who warned the CIA of the second underwear bomber has had to go in hiding fearing for his life thanks again to Donilon and the political health of Barack Obama. Lose lips sink ships and political hacks kill friends of this country. Thank you so very much Tom Donilon and Barack Obama.
President Obama says " “The notion that my White House would purposely release classified national security information is offensive,” Yes the notion is offensive but where is the denial? The denial was not made nor will it be forthcoming because all the White House had to do to stop publication of that sensitive material was to say no, an option it chose not to exercise. Hear David Sanger, the New York times reporter who wrote those stories.
" i do want your viewers to know though that at no point did the government come to us and ask us not to run the story. right. they did have things they asked us to be careful about. i think you will discover we were careful about them."
This video repeats some of what my partner's video said. It seems that that video is having some sort of a server problem.

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