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Monday, June 18, 2012

It's Time for Romney to Man Up

Well played Obama. Romney is now in a box, refusing to say whether or not he would continue Obama's illegal amnesty for illegal aliens. This go along-get along brand of Republicanism exhibited by Romney confirms exactly the fears most of on the right had about a Romney candidacy. Michele Bachmann or Rick Santorum would have expressed their outrage five minutes after they heard of this usurpation of congressional authority. Romney, on the other hand is reduced to waffling.

The beauty of the Obama plan is the adverse effects- and there will be many-will not be felt until after the election. Now the conversation has turned to Romney's obvious indecisiveness, revealing the true purpose of the policy. It is very calculated and very cynical. It has put the political needs of the Democratic Party above the very real financial needs of law abiding, middle class, American citizens who, as in every other liberal scheme such as affirmative action or job killing environmental regulation, bear the adverse consequences of Washington arrogance and duplicity and Romney doesn't know what to say.

What we should demand of Romney is that he treat Obama as roughly as he treated Rick Perry on the immigration. Never mind the goddamn, focus group tested weasel words. Man up or go home.

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