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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Romney Expected To Spend $1.2 Billion

The Obama campaign has told the Washington Post that they expect Romney, the GOP, and friendly Super PAC's to spend $1.2 billion in the upcoming election. They also claim that they are now being outspent by a ratio of three to one in some battleground states. The breakdown of the expected expenditures is; $200 million on commercials directly from Romney, $150 million from Restore Our Future, the pro-Romney super PAC, $200 million from American Crossroads, $400 million from Americans for Prosperity, $100 million from the Republican National Committee, $100 million from the Chamber of Commerce and another $75 million from other assorted conservative groups.
It could be that this off-the-record crying jag to the Post is intended to prompt Obama supporters to dig deeper and I'm reluctant to believe anything this campaign says on or off the record. Most likely Obama will have enough money to get his message out but down ballot candidates for the House and Senate might feel the pinch. Late in the campaign throwing a wad of cash in a hotly contested race can yield a nice return. Almost for certain Obama will score another first. He will be the first incumbent president to be outspent by his rival.

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