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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Changing the Debate to Immigration Doesn't Help Obama

It's just more razzle dazzle from the Obama campaign but it has filed a complaint with the federal election commission to force the PAC Crossroads GPS to disclose a list of its donors. Razzle dazzle because it knows Crossroads won't comply with a FEC ruling without a court fight and legal precedent is on its side. PAC's are just a line on Obama's long list of enemies, big pharma, big banks, big insurance, coal, oil, that serve as props in his political theater. Yes, the Obama campaign would love to know who was on Crossroads donor list so it could intimidate the donors but it knows also the complaint will be fruitless.

Speaking of razzle dazzle how's Dream Act Lite working out for Obama? Almost a week later in the Gallup daily tracking poll both candidate's numbers are the same 46 Romney, Obama 45. In the Rasmussen poll Obama actually slipped one point and Romney gained a point. Romney now leads 48 to Obama's 44. If we concede last week's assault on the constitution helps Obama among Hispanics we are entitled to ask which Hispanics.

Immigration isn't even an issue among Cuban Americans in Florida who vote overwhelmingly Republican. The huge, largely Democratic New York Puerto Rican voting block is one, going to vote for him anyway, two, are not in a competitive state, three, Puerto Ricans are already American citizens who have no sectional stake in immigration policy. Romney is not going to carry California any so any incremental advantage Obama gained doesn't add to his bottom line. There maybe some incremental advantage to Obama in Colorado and New Mexico but that remains to be seen. In the meantime undecided white voters in the battleground states have one more reason not to vote Democratic.

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