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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Asians Are Fastest Growing Ethnic Group

So much for the conventional wisdom that Hispanics are the fastest growing immigrant group. According to a new Pew study, an analysis of census data, the new immigrants frequently arrive here reasonably well off, worse yet, most of them arrive here legally. Supposedly they lean Democrat but they clearly are here because of the opportunity offered by a free enterprise America. The political implications of this are not really clear at this point but so much for the Democrat's attempt to grab onto newest wave of wretched refuse at our teeming shore. The Democrats have so invested in racial politics that they would be hard pressed to include Asians in their big tent. I suspect Asians already know they have no future in the Democratic Party. Neither Bobby Jindal nor Nikki Haley could have ever been elected to governor in their respective states no matter what their political convictions. Party leaders would argue that Asians hadn't " paid their dues", didn't understand discrimination, and anyway it was the blacks or Hispanics turn for that seat. Considering the ethnic slurs regarding Asians we occasionally coming from Joe Biden and Congresswoman Linda Sanchez making inroads into the Asian community may be a heavy lift for the Democratic Party.

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