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Monday, June 11, 2012

Occupy Demonstrates at Nutroot's Conference. Is Nothing Sacred?

Occupy showed up at the Nutroots Nation Conference I suppose just to make the point that the movement wasn't completely dead. Too bad they didn't come while Elizabeth Warren was there. Warren boasts that she provided the intellectual tour de force for this lost cause of lost balls. Warren also boasts that she is a thirty second degree Cherokee or something of the sort and that she nursed her way through the bar exam. She has more stories than Al Gore.

Anyway Occupy did put in an appearance and it is boring as ever with the same silly chanting and the same silly slogan about being the 99 % when in fact it struggles to make it to a numerical 1 %.


1 comment:

  1. Make them pay! Tax the rich!!

    Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. 10 people who have no direction in their lives other than to harass others and demand someone else work and then give these losers the fruits of their labors. Brilliant.