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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

O's press conferences are a joke

  Why do we even play this game of news conferences? Obama calls on preordained reporters. He has a list. Are they reading questions the Obama administration submitted to them? This is the way the conferences go, which is why he became so angry when Daily Caller reporter queried him.
  So here's Obama saying that politics stops at the water's edge and that should stop politicians from criticizing each other overseas.
  Then he proceeds to condescendingly smirk and discuss Romney's ignorance on some world matter, like HE hasn't made a mess of things all over the world, apparently forgetting that HE is standing in Mexico criticizing his "opponent" at the time.
  It's inconceivable that we're watching that Howdy Doody discuss the debts of Europe and how he's created millions of new jobs in this country, how we've had 24 weeks of growth ALL OF WHICH HAVE BEEN REVISED every week?
  And did it occur to the prick John Kerry that the reason he was chosen to represent Romney in debate practice was because Obama's trying to frame Romney as an arrogant, white out of touch elitist who looks down his nose at the little guy?
  Too bad. Nobody's quite as "good" as that as John Kerry, who, btw, fought in Vietnam.
  Bill O'Reilly's right about one thing.
  That was a really, really boring press conference.

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