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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Mr. President: Your ego is showing

  Another day, another Obama biography.
  This one, the Maraniss biography, dispels 9 fictions that Obama has created about himself to enhance his story among the unimaginative.
  What's amusing about #9 is that a friend of mine (an in the know friend) told me almost a year ago that Obama was terrible at basketball. This is not something you can fudge.
  When you look at the pictures of Obama on a bike or throwing a baseball, it's pretty clear there's some kind of, um, problem there.
  Anyway here's the list without the details, which are found over at Buzzfeed entitled 9 Tall Tales From Obama's Memoir:

  1. Obama's grandfather wasn't tortured and imprisoned by the British.
  2. Obama's stepfather wasn't killed by the Dutch in a bid for freedom.
  3. A woman Obama writes about as a symbol for Black pride and independence was, well, white.
  4. A racial incident was incorrectly attributed in the book.
  5. Obama claimed he broke up with a girlfriend because she was white. However the next girlfriend was also white.
  6. Obama's Choom gang were not 'disaffected' but popular students.
  7. Obama deleted 2 white roommates from his life's story.
  8. Obama's mother left his father; the opposite of what he wrote.
  9. Obama claimed he wasn't allowed to play because he played Black basketball but his b-ball coach coached White basketball. In truth, he sucked at basketball.
  It becomes obvious, at this point, that the hyperbole and exaggerations in the biographies were intended to aggrandize Obama's Authentic Black Experience in the Mean World of White People.
  Sound familiar?
  An easy parallel to Obama's ego problem is the Daily Mail article that shows numerous pictures of Obama being "cool" again, the lament that he has uttered to his staff recently that he's missing in recent years. 
  Here's Obama dancing with Mooch.
  Here's Obama praying, hands held in a prayer circle.
  Here's Obama, concentrating on shooting pool.
  Here's Obama trying to throwing a football up into the ceiling.
  Here's Obama talking with world leaders, standing in a power position over them while they sit.
  Guess all those adoring halo pictures aren't enough.
  These are recent releases, obviously timed to make Howdy Doody look more presidential.
  Good luck with that.

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