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Monday, June 25, 2012

Funny stuff around the campaign

  One funny thing that's been happening with regularity is that conservatives keep hijacking the Obama hashtags over at Twitter. Some of the Obama Fund Raising Ideas were pretty boffo. The thread seems to have been pulled, oddly enough. Ha.
  Now there's #QuestionsthatstumpMitt. Mmmm, that seems to be gone too.
  And #RomneyInTwoWords.
  Funny in a sickening sort of way is this video the Obamas have put up about their love life, inviting you, yes, YOU to accompany them on their next date.
  If you win the trip to have a date with them for your lousy 3 bucks, the trip is worth almost 5,000 dollars. What the Obamas don't mention is that you'll have to pay taxes on that 5 thousand smackers. Wow. What a steal.
  Here's the video; don't throw up. You can read some of the "Obamas are so cute" comments over there. 

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