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Saturday, June 23, 2012

The Growing List Of Democratic Convention No Shows

While non-incumbent candidates don't get "super delegate" status at the Democratic convention usually most Democratic office seeker would sell their souls to revel with Obama and the boys. Add two more names to the MIA list for the Democratic convention. Sue Thorn who is running for congress in West Virginia says count her out. "She quit her job (with the West Virginia Education Association) to be a full-time candidate," stated her spokesman "It is her priority to campaign at that time." Good girl, Suzie! We like dedication. Bet you cultivated that trait at the teacher's union.
Charlie Wilson won't be going to Charlotte either. You remember Charlie? He used to be an incumbent up until 2010 in Ohio's 6th district. He called himself a Blue Dog and was defeated in 2010 by bill Johnson. Anyway Charlie has "existing campaign events" that preclude his presence at the convention. He really should buy a calendar.

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