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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Whites just wanna have fun. Like everybody else. Is that OKAY?

  I know. All you want to do is live your life, do your job and enjoy the world around you.
  But I have news for you.
  Did you know you're privileged?
  If you're white, that is. Only if you're white.
  James Taranto has great fun with the video currently making the rounds that scolds white America for being, well, white. The anti-white crusade is named "Un-Fair Campaign."
  What's so remarkably nauseating about the video is that its creators appear to believe they'll make some kind of impact of race relations, something even, gee, Al Sharpton hasn't been able to do.
  Taranto believes the racists running these kinds of PSAs are running out of steam and he may be right.
  One look at the comments under this video over at YouTube reveals that people are wise to what's going on, they're fed up with the race baiting and they're pretty aware of the forces at work trying to manipulate the public. Looks like Beck, Hannity and Limbaugh are permeating the culture.

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