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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Wow. Some famous folks are sure actin' crazy.

  This post is not meant to be an ad hominem (or feminem) attack. Well, actually none of our posts are; we attack policies, philosophies of governing, ineffectiveness, greed and corruption.
  Veering slightly off course, however, is, shall we say, this post is about observations of the behavior of certain individuals, most of which is personal. Thus the concern.
  Anyway I've been wondering what's up with a couple of American society's older females.
  Like Madonna.
  Is she going nuts? Or senile?
  She's touring the world with a 200 person entourage which admittedly is less than Michelle Obama's but the rider attached to her appearances includes stuff like 20 international phone lines and roses that have 6 inch stems cut. One wonders if she throws a tantrum if one of the roses has a 5 inch stem.
  Anyway she made quite a fuss flashing her nipple on stage. Well, she didn't really FLASH it considering there's video of it and she does it quite slowly. 
  At another stop, she flashed her thong. Known for her rigorous workout routine, apparently she wants people to know how great she looks for her age.
  Now she's hiring a team to scrub her room after she leaves so that no one gets her DNA, which is probably all over the place, considering her penchant for sexual encounters.
  What I'm saying is she's acting nuts. Desperate. Fearful of aging and jealous of Lady GaGa.
  Next on the train to CrazyVille is Nancy Pelosi.
  Seriously, Nancy? You could have had Karl Rove locked up in the Capitol prison? How much more off the rails can you get than to claim that?
  Power hungry? Well, we've always known that.
  But to claim she had the privilege, power and ability to do that is nuts.
  Then to try to make the claim that the Republicans are after Eric Holder because HE'S attempting to stop voter suppression is the most convoluted incorrect lack of reasoning one could imagine.
  Trying to purge the voter rolls of dead and illegal voters is voter suppression? This was always a tenuous talking point but to actually try to build an argument against investing Holder on THAT tenuous talking point is not only absurd, it's a house built on sand.
  To be honest, her EYES are looking kind of weird lately. Like crazy. Sure, Botox does strange things to one's eyes but sheesh! When she opens her mouth, there's not much doubt that something' really strange is join' on behind those windows to the soul.
  Last, of all the passengers on the Crazy Town train we have to point out that Barack Hussein Obama is not exactly looking rational.
  Trickle up economics? Uh huh. Yeah. Focus on the least productive, the most greedy and dependent and THEY'RE going to build the country's economy?
  He's selling the kitchen sink, tweeting for "fundraising ideas" and selling himself 6 times a day to the highest bidders, generously inviting a $3 yokel in to party with the rich.
  His rhetoric is shrill and desperate.
  And to exert executive privilege to shut down an investigation into Eric Holder when both Holder and Obama claim they knew nothing about Fast & Furious to begin with? Obama read about it in the paper?
  Come on!
  Step right up. Get your tickets to CrazyTown because that's where those folks are headed.
  Too much privilege. Too much fine food. Too much isolation from the stinky folks. Too much of themselves.

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