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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Arab Spring's War on Women

  An idealist blonde British young journalist suffered a horrific sexual attack in Egypt during the Arab Spring's "moving and captivating experience." During the attack she, who admits she does not believe in God, prayed, "Please, God. Make it stop."
  During her ordeal at the hands of many, many men which she endured for hours, Egyptian women looked at her and looked away, as if she deserved what she got.
  As if they could do nothing. As if these women ascribed to the philosophy of sexual abuse these men were perpetrating on her.
  This kind of abuse of women is well documented among Arab countries, where women complain of repeated insults, unwanted gropings and disrespect not only by family members, but by men they do not even know. This is commonly accepted by the culture, in addition to some countries' honor killings, beatings and murder of women for ridiculous reasons.
  What is most poignant and somewhat discouraging about this woman's account, which mirrors the widely reported attack of Lara Logan last year, is that she seems to place no blame on the evil forces at work. Indeed she resolves that the incident will not deter her from writing about women's roles in the beautiful Egypt she has come to know and love.
  Some activist groups estimate that 2/3 of women are daily subjected to sexual harassment, though not of the horrific nature reported above. Logan admitted that Egyptian women had confessed to her that it is not unusual to be sexually groped by strangers on the bus.
  It is astounding that leftists will make no moral judgments about behavior such as this.
  It is astounding that leftist pundits claim this is really an "Arab Spring" that is improving Egyptian culture.
  It is astounding that these same people revile American culture, claiming that you're racist if you want voters to present IDs to vote or sexist if you want to advance a candidate who is male for merit rather than a female on gender.
  Where's the widespread condemnation of this abuse?
  Where's the administration's denunciation of such a "war on women"?
  Over here, it's a war on women if you want women to pay for their own contraception.
  Yet we hear nothing when sexual abuse of the most vile kind is heaped on women in Arab countries.
  And we continue to heap money on the governments of countries who do this, saying little or nothing about the abuse of women, Christian and gays.
  This country may not be perfect but it sure ain't in an Egyptian Arab Spring.
  Thank God Almighty.

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