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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Shocking pre-K brawl is Obama's "dream" act

  So this video is popping up with Los Angeles mothers screaming and hitting each other over the stupidest thing you've ever seen.
  There's one cap and gown for pictures for a pre-kindergarten graduation ceremony.
  Only one. 
  So the moms fight each other for the little cap and gown. An older mom was injured when she was pushed and hit her head on a bookshelf.
  Here is a comment from the YouTube video:
i hate it when people take shit out of context. a stupid brawl like this would happen in any class. don't believe it then search youtube! blame this on South LA's school funding. if you're going to have a graduation ceremony then you might as well order suits for all the kids. a preschool graduation could be debatable, but realistically it's a year off kinder, so no big deal. to fund a set of 20 whatever outfits is C'MON not that expensive. please...
  No, a "stupid brawl" like this would NOT happen in any class.
  Note that the writer blames "school funding" and views preschool as a "year off kinder," as if these taxpayer funded, highly prized preschool years are just babysitting.
  Apparently ordering suits shouldn't be a problem since someone else is paying for it. In any graduation ceremony I have ever attended, either as student or teacher, the graduate purchases the cap and gown.
  But this viewer's comments exactly exemplify the problem of the moocher mentality so encouraged by Obama. One might even say this video is symptomatic of exactly what's wrong with Obamanomics.

  This is the "dream act" in real time, though that statement is not meant to reflect that all students brought to this country by illegal parents are moochers. Many hard working illegals benefit this country, as their children do. 
  The problem isn't the workers. It's the moochers.
  Here are the relevant facts about the Weemes Elementary School in Los Angeles:
  • 51% of 5th grade students passed their proficiency tests. In second grade, proficiency is at 33%.
  • Money's been put into their website; it's nice. The district has paid Edlio to make this "easy to use" website, yet the principal hasn't bothered to update her message since October of 2010.
  • They closed the school in honor of Caesar Chavez Day.
  • The website has links for homework for each class; however, no one's bothered to post anything. Nothing. Why invest in a website which has little relevant timely information? Just take the links down if you're not going to use them. Much of the website is dead space.
  • The school is 73% Latino and 25% African American and, no, the facts are not racist.
  • All students are eligible for "Title 1" funds.
  • Teacher ratio is 20:1.
  • Spending per pupil is $11,357, above the national average of $10, 591.
  Money obviously isn't a problem at this school, since this school has been gifted with substantial teachers and money including technology resources. This is a poor minority community so it is most likely that this is not local money, but regional, state and federal.
  The students are poor performers, even though they've had the advantages of money and ideal class size.
  Many schools do not have pre-kindergarten classes, much less graduation ceremonies, much less caps and gowns. 
  Indeed, who ever heard of caps and gowns for a pre-k ceremony. 
  In all likelihood, the teacher or school provided the single cap and gown for pictures only.
  Unfortunately for people who get everything free from someone else, there's never enough. 
  Never enough money. 
  Never enough opportunities. 
  Never enough free stuff
  You'll always run out with people like this, which brings me to my point about Obama, who is buying votes with free stuff.
  Why do you think liberals are so disappointed with Obama, who has given free stuff to everyone he thinks will vote for him?
  Because there's never enough. And they're trying to fill a spiritual and personal vacuum that needs to be filled with something other than handouts, false encouragement and phony reward certificates.
  There's a price to be paid down the road for all the free stuff; that price is not only money. 
  We're reinforcing behavior that is anti-social, dependent and predatory.
  That bill is coming due.

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