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Friday, June 29, 2012

Starting now, premiums increased? Blame Obama

  Speaking of gloating, perhaps we have all seen by now the disgraceful t-shirt using the euphemism for the F*** word promoting the President of the United States' signature legislation:
  The blogosphere has lit up with reaction to the abominable SCOTUS decision yesterday, including mockery trying to make conservatives look stupid.
  Here is a picture which reveals the maturity of the critical individuals. Reminder: this person is not a Navy Seal nor is she in high school:
  We have Obama and/or his campaign claiming health care is a BFD and "this one [POTUS] got it done," regardless of the single party thuggery and protest of the people. More over at Twitchy.
  The moonbats are also celebrating a "win" for Ted Kennedy, the drunkard leach whose ham fisted wealth elevated him to a place of arrogant privilege and dishonest politics.
  So today's reaction is mixed. Conservatives are trying to find silver linings, but some are more realistic about what actually happened yesterday.
  Some are worried that the health care law will become more popular now that it's been ruled constitutional.
  Many say it is the defining issue of the campaign; certainly it's energized opposition to Obamacare. Romney's already raised 4.3 million dollars from 43,000 small time donors since yesterday.
  There's another aspect I haven't heard mentioned round the web yet.
  Obama claimed people's health care costs have increased greatly recently, yet made no mention of Obamacare as the cost. He and his minions act like we should all celebrate because women don't have to pay a co-pay for their personal exams and the like.
  Does no one mention that rates are going UP because of Obamacare?
  Another election wedge issue will be the constantly rising health care costs.
  Every single and multiple time health care costs increase, in addition to the new taxes which will take place to pay for this, in addition to the Medicare cuts which are already taking place to pay for the undocumented health care moochers, Obama and the liberals will be blamed for it.
  So here we go.
  Insurance increased?
  Blame Obama.
  Shortage of health equipment?
  Blame Obama.
  Can't find a doctor?
  Blame Obama.
  This may prove to be Obama's signature legislation after all.

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