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Friday, June 29, 2012

Whew. Awkward Today Show moment

  I have to say watching Ann Curry's crackup on The Today Show is like watching Network news or something.
  Apparent to me when I watched this video, which I confess made me belly laugh, are the following:
  • Curry wasn't expecting to be canned from the show.
  • Everyone's awkwardly watching, unsure of her mood or what she'll say next. You can almost feel the producer standing next to the camera men as they pan the couch, shouting, "OMG! Be ready to cut and go to commercial!"
  • Curry's emotions are running wild which might lead one to believe she was surprised, unprepared and informed fairly recently (like 2 minutes ago) that this is her last day on the job.
  • The reach across from the other chick is awkward, as Morales pulls Curry's arm toward her in a power move.
  • Does Curry look soooo excited at the prospect, at her creaky age, of jumping out of airplanes again? Does THAT sound like a promotion? I think not.
  • Be sure to watch the end, where Morales hovers trying to get her last on screen hug in but can't quite manage it. 
  Oh, to be a fly on the wall when those cameras cut out. One can only imagine the iciness of the now deposed anchor and the new chick in town, sitting in Curry's seat, still warm from the body. Ha.  Network news sure is a cutthroat business. Keeping all those prima donnas happy costs a lot with not much reward, considering the Today Show's ratings. 

  Not having the least amount of interest in the show, I didn't watch the end, but NY Daily News says this happened:
After she finished and the show broke for local news, the team skipped its usual wrap-up walk out on the Rockefeller Center plaza.
The cameras went right back to the studio, where Guthrie was in the seat Curry had occupied. They went straight into promotion for the 9 a.m. hour.
  The Daily News, which is running a post mortem retrospective of Curry's career, also complains that no official announcement was made that Guthrie was her replacement:
The “Today” co-host saga took an almost surreal turn Friday morning, with Savannah Guthrie slipping into Ann Curry’s old chair and everyone around her, including the network, acting as if nothing had changed.
Curry had reluctantly left the show Thursday, and Guthrie has been widely reported to be her successor as NBC attempts to reinvigorate a show that has been losing ground to ABC’s “Good Morning America.” 
  Voila! Curry's gone, replaced with a younger, better looking version of a tv news anchor. 

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