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Saturday, June 23, 2012

EPA Exposes Test Subjects to Carcinogens

Three doctors, two employed by EPA and one by the University of North Carolina are accused of intentionally exposing test subjects to inhalable pollutants that the agency considers both cancer- and death-causing. Steve Milloy, publisher of Junk Science has filed a complaint with the North Carolina Medical Board. This is clever.
“During these experiments, the study subjects were intentionally exposed to airborne fine particulate matter (“PM2.5”) at levels ranging from 41.54 micrograms per cubic meter to 750.83 micrograms per cubic meter for periods of up to two hours,” Milloy wrote to Dr. Ralph C. Loomis, president of the NC Medical Board. “…the EPA has determined that PM2.5 is ultrahazardous — i.e., that exposure to even low levels of PM2.5 are potentially lethal within hours of exposure and that no exposure to PM2.5 is safe.
“The EPA also believes that PM2.5 is carcinogenic to humans.”
Only the EPA thinks this level of exposure to particulate matter is dangerous but they should have to follow their own rules.

As our nation invests in science and innovation and pursues advances in biomedical research and health care, it’s imperative that we do so in a responsible manner... Barack Obama

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