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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Trending: Barack Obama morphing into Nixon

  Congratulations, Barack Hussein Obama.
  If you wanted the main stream media to continue ignoring Fast and Furious, you should probably have surrendered the documents requested concerning the murder of 300 Mexicans and at least 1 US border agent with weapons intentionally released into the wild to criminals via the ATF division.
  But now that you've exerted "executive privilege" to prevent Congress from having eyes on "your" business, it will be harder to act like this isn't the scandal that it is. It will be harder to avert their eyes from the covert and illegal activities of your favorite POTUS.
  Congrats, BO, the first POTUS to admit he maintains a "kill list."
  Your most scandalous scandal will most likely finally make the front pages of America's Pravda-esque sheets of newsprint.
  But there's one big difference.
  At least nobody was murdered under Nixon's watch.


  1. O has certainly changed the subject from the economy and immigration!

  2. Yowza! There must be something really damaging there or he wouldn't have done this stupid, stupid thing.

  3. And I beat Drudge on the comparison!

    Imagine throwing Hispanics the bone of the skeleton of the "Dream" Act and then they learn that he really, really doesn't care if they were murdered (300 people) in a gun running scam by the ATF.

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