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Friday, June 22, 2012

EPA fines for non-existent substance

  The oil industry continues to be under attack by Obama's EPA, which is singlehandedly attempting to redefine business and commerce in the USA.

 In general, this administration has lived in the past concerning energy. Walk, bicycle, windmills, the sun..these are not "progressive" in terms of energy production.
  But now it appears Obama's administration is moving toward the future, a future that hasn't happened, requiring the oil industry to purchase and incorporate into their products a non-existent substance.
  The EPA  is fining the oil industry for not including cellulose ethanol into the gasoline mixture sold in this country.
  To compensate for the fact that no cellulose ethanol is available for mixture, the EPA is fining the oil industry, dismissing their protests as "not of central relevance."

  From the Times Dispatch:

Here's a case in point. The Obama administration's U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has refused the oil industry's request to stop fining the industry for failing to blend cellulosic ethanol in gasoline. As the American Petroleum Institute (API) has pointed out, no cellulosic ethanol is available, even according to EPA's own data. 
Yet under the Clean Air Act, the EPA required the industry to add 5 million gallons of cellulosic ethanol to the nation's gasoline pool in 2010 and 6.6 million gallons in 2011. This year EPA is requiring 8.65 million gallons.
  Though you may not realize it, each summer and winter one of the reasons gas prices rise is that "seasonal gasoline transition" changes required by the EPA causes gas prices to rise in fall and summer. Naturally the consumer ultimately pays for this.
  Now we learn that we'll be paying for something that doesn't exist.


  1. I think this falls on Congress for passing the bill probably without reading it or knowing the required substance did not exist. EPA is limited by the mandate of the law.It should be brought to the attention of congress to change the stupid law they passed.

  2. Congress is irrelevant, at this point, when there is no respect for the separation of powers. EPA is running unleashed around this country with Obama's justification that it's for the health of the country. And what he can't do through his "czars" he'll do through executive order.

    God help us all.