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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Can We Sell Plasma for Obama?

Most of us have lived through some hard times and sometimes I think I have had more than my share of the personal introspection and self loathing that comes with living on the ragged edge of pecuniary decency brings. With a low bank balance the tendency to be frank about ones personal fortunes gives way to socially acceptable half truths such as "We honestly cannot agree on whether to vacation at Jackson Hole or Pennyrile State Park so we'll just stay home this year." or "I'm not buying a new television until I can find one that made in the states." Friends accept these little falsehoods because they are good friends and good people who often have been visited with financial adversity themselves.
There are telltale signs of a sinking bank balance. Desperate people do desperate things such as scrapping out the chain link fence to raise cash or marching the wife and kids to the plasma bank and no matter the how stiff the upper lip those of us looking on know. Our good friends, the Democrats have fallen on hard times and one of the telltale signs is the Obama Registry where they ask that wedding gifts be substituted with a contribution to Obama. It doesn't get more desperate or downright tackier than that. Another sign is the convention in Charlotte. For the second time this year they have had to pare back the celebration. First they announced in January that they would cut it short by one day to "celebrate the area". Celebrate the area? What's to celebrate? This is Charlotte, North Carolina for crying out in a bucket! Maybe if they had chosen Wheeling or Paducah or even Muncie we could believe them but Charlotte? The poor dears think nobody knows. Normally one would add "let them keep their dignity" but in their case dignity has been long gone. The second cut back at Charlotte was announced a few days ago when they stated they would have to cancel the kickoff festivities at Charlotte Motor Speedway citing the logistical problem of transporting the delegates the 18 miles to downtown. To my knowledge the Speedway was 18 miles out of town last year and the year before that. Citing a party ban on direct contributions from corporations, the host committee says it has raised less than $10 million, well short of its $36.6 million goal. Less than $10 million? How much less than ten million? Again with the little white lies!
We have pointed out that 7 super delegates have elected not to attend the convention. At first we thought it was because they were upset with Obama now the real reason is evident. The party is too broke. The super delegates know this and they are helping the team by staying home and, one hopes, selling plasma for Obama.

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