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Friday, June 15, 2012

Bigots thrive in liberal environments

  See, the truth is that today's anointed elite are bigoted, close-minded controlling people.
  Think about it. College environments are hothouses of bigotry, particularly anti-conservative, anti-Catholic and anti-Christian. Certainly anti-patriot.
  Hollywood is hateful; their movies and shows are so bad that many people won't watch anymore. 
  Obama makes fun of anyone who disagrees with him; he's gets extremely pissy if anyone dares ask him questions that resemble real journalism.
  Speaking of journalism, you'd have to be blind or liberal not to be able to spot how absolutely biased the media is in their love affair (which seems to be wavering) with Democrats. 
  So now you can see it in the mockery of Romney, who was criticized because his dog enjoyed riding on the roof of his car while Obama's eating dog was ignored. 
  Romney's being taken to task over doughnuts.
  Ok, this has to be one of the most ridiculous ridicules evah. What. 
  These bozo liberals can't find any bimbos in Romney's closet? 
  They can't find any guys in toilet stalls who think his leg might have brushed theirs?  
   They can't find any dog he ATE so they have to go after a 2 second pause before he says the word doughnut?
  Here's the infamous video liberals are saying (including Letterman) reveals that Romney's just another rich guy.
  Seriously? This is all you got?
  Yet Obama has parties with people who pay $40,000 to spend a few minutes with him? Obama's wife takes a separate jet to Hawaii 4 hours earlier than hubby and she's not spoiled rotten? The partier-in-chief golfs and plays but he's not just another rich guy?
  We're lectured incessantly about being nice to Muslims (an admonition which apparently doesn't count for some Muslim girls' fathers and brothers who feel honor killings are occasionally necessary to keep the family line as pure as they are); the truth is that liberal bigotry against Mormons is the new chic.
Americans' aversion to voting for Mormons has spiked since Mitt Romney's first presidential bid in 2007 — and that the people most wary of Mormon candidates are not Evangelicals, but rather political liberals and non-religious voters, according to new research from a leading scholar of anti-Mormon attitudes.
  Mead details the bigotry here. 
  We seem to be deteriorating here. We seem to be believing anything these people put forth as truth.
  Obama claims he's the thriftiest preezy ever even though he's spent a trillion dollars on crap like funding "socially conscious puppet shows."
  But if the dopey pundits think that conservatives will sit out the vote because Mormons aren't on the approved list of Republican candidates, they're nuts.
  There's something a lot worse than magic underwear.

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