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Saturday, June 30, 2012

To conserve, put a window air conditioner in your car

  This report from the New York Post and Malkin has been out for several days, but in recognition of the heat wave, I thought I'd mention it again.
  Are you hot?
  Did you know liberals want you to get rid of your air conditioning?
  Or at the very least, air condition homes in developing nations because that'd be fair?
  It seems an impossible task, no?
  Well, not if you do it Nanny Bloomberg's way.
  Just get a room air conditioner, hook it up to a power source and put the room air conditioner in your car window!
  Voila! Or as some journalists write, viola.
  Why would you do something so cumbersome, awkward, environmentally unfriendly and just downright stupid?
  Because New York City has a 3 minute idling law, that's why! And Nanny Bloomberg does not like to get into a hot car, just like Barack Obama doesn't like his office too cold in the winter and, above all, we want to keep happy our politicians who make all these regulations!
  What's really incredible about this video are the New Yorkers at the end who aren't shocked, surprised or even disgusted by this display. They're so stupid compliant....They've grown so accustomed to stupid laws that they just dumbly say, "Gee, I dunno. Prolly it's ok, if they think so," they being anybody in charge.


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