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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Liberals continue to insult, divide country

  Not to sound too provincial, but I keep wondering how low the Obama campaign and its people can go. I mean, I live in Northwest Ohio where people are basically civil to one another so when I see tweets like the ones emanating from the DNC and Obama, I just really have to pinch myself that any political campaign is willing to resort to these tactics as if there will be no voter blowback.
  I don't know anyone on the right who would act like that toward their opposition, though I do know one young man who sincerely believes whole-(or "cruel") heartedly that people over 60 should be denied health measures as a means to cut health care costs. They're old and should be gotten out of the way, according to him. Wonder if that would apply to his parents too, or would the congressional exception have to be made for someone so...special as his parents.
  DNC executive director said this when he heard about the ruling: It's constitutional, Bitches."
  The DNC's media director tweeted thisOverheard in the office: "TAKE THAT MOTHER******S!!"— 
  Bobby Jindal's excoriation of the ruling brought out the vicious loonies.
  There's undoubtedly more filth to exemplify my point but it reaches a place where all you're doing is flailing against the evil that is the Left.
  Suffice it to say that these people reveal their hearts. One can only go on so long like this without reaping what he's sown.
  And back to The One who is the root of it all, who calls for "civility" while at the same time telling his Obamabots to bring a gun to a fight and fight like hell with those with whom they disagree. 
  You know. 
  The One who claims he wants to unite Americans while at the same time calling for the obliteration of his enemies, whom he constantly vilifies in every way possible.
  After having levied the hugest tax in history, his people are running around com explaining that Obamacare is NOT a tax, regardless what the Supreme Court said.
  Cuz, you know, the executive branch rules all, right? They live by their own standards, not the rule of law.
  And they continue their arrogant selfish vicious ways, campaigning around the country at taxpayer expense.
  JammieWearingFool has the goods on the cost to the taxpayers in one small town in New Hampshire. The townfolk refused to pay for security for the Preezy's visit:
Last week the Obama crew demanded that Karl Rove and his Crossroads group should reveal their list of private donors, ironically just hours before claiming executive privilege to try and continue the cover-up of the Obama-Holder Fast & Furious scandal. So isn’t it curious that while on his daily fundraising binge Monday, Obama himself had someone privately foot the tab for security at a New Hampshire stop after the locals decided they’d had enough of this freeloader campaigning on the public dime.
  Wouldn't it be interesting if every town refused to provide security for the Preezy? 
  What would happen then, I wonder?
  There's an adage.
  What goes around comes around.
  We'll see how long the American people put up with this.
  I'm thinking we're nearing a voter explosion.
  UPDATE: AND White House salaries have increased. They're hiring ever more aides also.
  Guess there's no recession in the White House, huh.

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