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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Obama & Romney: Campaign shops reveal much

  Commentary Magazine has a wiseguy article about "Obama's Tone-Deaf Fundraiser," which mocks Obama for claiming he's Mr. Middle Class while holding $40,000 Anna Wintour fundraisers surrounded by expensive furnishings and art and telling the 1 percenters that they're the ones who will determine the direction of the country, presumably because they're more intelligent and powerful than the rest of us rummies. 
  Commentary also wonders if we rummies are stupid enough to buy some of the junk being hawked over at BO's website for the Obamabots.
  So I toddled on over there to take a look at some of the junk. It's really a remarkable contrast between Obama's campaign shop and Romney's campaign shop.
  Yowza. I mean really.
  In the Obama shop, everything and I do mean everything has the Obamas' faces plastered on it.
  Not only that, but some of it is really ugly.
  Like this "designer" t shirt worn by an Obamabot who should really cut back on the Cheetos, a problem that many of the models seem to have, for some odd non-Michelle reason.

    Wow. Very flattering. And for $45 the neckline is almost even.
  And there's this, which you'd be likely to see in most presidential candidates,' particularly incumbent statesman's campaign shops:
   Sure, the EFF word is always part of every presidential selling point. Yeah. We're setting new standards here.
  Then there's the African Americans shop.
  What's interesting about these posters is that, as we pointed out earlier, why wouldn't the poster say "Obama's got your back" instead of "We've got [Obama's] back"? 
  Obviously this is meant to appeal to Obama being assaulted in some way by someone other than African American. The point of watching someone's back is so that no one can shoot or stab them in the back. I guess that means us, huh. Nice. 
  Imagine if there were a poster on Romney's website that said "Whites for Romney: We've got your back."
  Which brings me to Romney's campaign shop.
  While Obama has pages and pages and pages of items with Obama's face, logo and "change" motto plastered on them, Romney has, count 'em, 3, THREE pages of items, none of which have his face on them.
  Oh, except for that one modest little pin button.
  So compare the items. 
  Here's a Romney item:

  "Believe in America."
  Here's a typical Obama item:
  See a difference?
  It's all about Obama-worship. It's all about him and he's not a modest individual when it comes to wanting people to faint at his rallies, wear his face everywhere and "have his back."

  While it's true that Romney isn't exactly the kind of guy whose face you'd want to be wearing around because he's kind of a "daddy" character and it's true that Romney voters aren't at all like Obamabots, isn't that the point?
  Obama's website reveals the huge ego around the man. It also reveals the sappiness and dependency of his admirers.
  Some people will buy anything.

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