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Saturday, June 30, 2012

The Fast and Furious Minnesota Connection

Democrats insist that Congressman Darrell Issa is remiss because he failed to call Bush era Attorney General Michael Mukasey to testify in the Fast and Furious investigation.. Eric Holder testified that Mukasey was privy to gun walking during the Bush administration but like much of what he and his DOJ has asserted he had to retract it. If Issa really wants to get to the bottom of this, perhaps he should call Bill Clinton's AG, Janet Reno. Kevin Diaz of the Star Minneapolis Tribune  reports that George Gillett Jr. is cooperating with Issa's committee. Gillette was a supervisor in the Phoenix office during Fast and Furious but acquired his proficiency in delivering guns to criminals in the Twin Cities in 1996 when he was a street agent.
During that unnamed operation the ATF successfully placed about 150 weapons in the hands of street gangs vis a vis straw buyers, frequently young girls with no criminal record who could easily pass background checks. Oh yes, the Clinton era glory days of law enforcement that featured stellar examples of law enforcement brilliance such as the siege of the Branch Davidians and the sniper shooting of Vicki Weaver as she held her infant in her arms at Ruby Ridge could hardly look worse if was discovered they had a mini Fast and Furious.

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