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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Obama gloats, continues to divide, holds self pity party

  The unthinkable has happened with the Supreme Court's upholding of Obamacare.
  It is difficult to understand how Justice Roberts can live with this destruction of health care as we know it. Obama minions have already declared that cutbacks, regardless the salesmanship of Obamacare, are coming for those over 60 and those under the age of 5. 
  Now Obama has chosen to hold a press conference in which he said repeatedly, "I" "I" "I" did this (this being pushing Obamacare through in spite of the American people's anger and rejection.)
  It's unnerving, really, that this arrogant narcissistic man could stand in front of cameras and talk, once again, about himself and how valiant he was to push through something so unpopular; his assumption was that he knew best.
  Not Americans.
  Obama's tone of self pity, rationalization and self justification was remarkably worse than usual.
  Mean spirited, petty, and whipping out the useful idiot's story of how much he/she suffered without Obama's help was pretty much par for the course; in short, he blew his opportunity to actually bring the people together in an extremely stressful time.
  Obama claimed resistance to this debacle was political.
  In fact, it certainly is.
  But most of all, resistance to this health care debacle derives from intelligent informed decisions and the realization that nothing is free, the government never runs programs efficiently and this law reaches into every aspect of our lives.
  There aren't enough doctors, hospitals. One seventh of the hospitals in this country will NOT abide by the abortion mandate, instead willing to shut down over principle.
  What Obama could have done is try to bring the people together, acknowledge their FEAR over this monster and assume some mantle of humility.
  Yet no.
  The alternative at this point is Mitt Romney.
  Think of the last few elections. Overwhelmingly the American people have reinforced the conservative ideals.
  That is what will happen this fall, though we must fight the Chicago machine that is currently in office.
  Money helps.
  Contribute today and regularly whatever you can to support candidates who will stand for the Constitution and the principles of this great country.
  We must speak up. Resist we much.
  Be civil we must, unlike the opposition.

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