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Friday, June 29, 2012

Michelle Obama; Defender of the Faith

Our faith journey isn’t just about showing up on Sunday for a good sermon and good music and a good meal. It’s about what we do Monday through Saturday as well, especially in those quiet moments, when the spotlight’s not on us, and we’re making those daily choices about how to live our lives.
We see that in the life of Jesus Christ. Jesus didn't’t limit his ministry to the four walls of the church. He was out there fighting injustice and speaking truth to power every single day. He was out there spreading a message of grace and redemption to the least, the last, and the lost. And our charge is to find Him everywhere, every day by how we live our lives.... Timothy Cardinal Dolan   Michelle Obama
Gee we didn't know Michelle felt that way. Her husband frequently misstates freedom of religion with "freedom to worship" essentially limiting religion to what is preached on Sunday. The first lady was speaking to African Methodist Episcopal Church whose position on the contraceptive mandate and gay marriage is not known.

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