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Saturday, June 23, 2012

David Ogden Video Reveals DOJ Knew About Fast and Furious in 2009

It's obvious that congressional Democrats think that the public is so gullible that it will believe that Eric Holder stopped a flawed program called Fast & Furious that had been started during the Bush administration and that Congressman Issa is both Monday morning quarterbacking and heading a fishing exhibition to hang the Obama administration on some technicality or some minor oversight. Furthermore Obama knew nothing of the operation and is extending the power of executive privilege to protect future presidencies from overzealous congressmen. Obama's lackadaisical leadership and obsessions with golfing and fund raising might give some reason to think he has plausible deniability on any issue but he ordered Fast & Furious back in 2009.
First some background. In 2005 the ATF began Operation Gun Runner. Everyone serving in the Congress at that time should have been aware of it as it underwent the usual budgetary scrutiny. Operation Fast & Furious pertains only to Project Gun Runner's Phoenix office. It's was subset of Gun Runner. It is simply untrue that Eric Holder knew nothing about Fast and Furious until a few weeks before his May 3 2011 testimony before the House Committee on Oversight and government.
Read the July 5, 2010 memo.
Read the "It's a tricky case" email.
Read the memo to AG Holder from Asst. AG Lanny A. Breuer.
As the following video will show Operation was funded in the Stimulus Bill (American Recovery and Reinvestment Act). It will show further that Deputy Attorney General David Ogden knew very much about it. Unless he was freelancing it fair to assume his boss knew as nuch as he did. Ogden must have been pretty proud of this presser since an almost verbatim accounting of DOJ at the border is given in testimony before Senate Homeland Security and Government Affairs on March 25, 2009.You can see that C-Span video here. He appears about 1:08 into the video.

A fair viewing of this video should convince anyone that DOJ knew damn well what was going on. It was a major shifting of assets to the southwest United States. In the C-Span video Senator Joe Lieberman frets to Secretary Napalitono that this increase is unsustainable. Eric Holder was in up to his eyeballs.
But Obama didn't know the details of the operation. He would have if he had talked to his National Security Advisor. We first posted this video on July 28 of last year. The president's party has flooded the media with false assertions and just plain lies since Fast and Furious burst back into the news. This investigation has been going on for almost 18 month and had Holder cooperated in the beginning it would not be an election year issue. Fast and Furious will eventually land someone in jail.

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  1. Both Ovomit and Holder knew about F&F as they were part of the planning for it, signed it into law, and implemented it. They should both be charged with being accomplices to murder.