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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Jay Carney to Press, "Do Your Job"

Now at last we get to the truth behind Obama's " The private sector is doing fine." faux pas. Know what? It's all because the press isn't doing its job. Jay Carney nailed them on it. “Certainly, we believe that you all ought to do your jobs and report on content,” Carney said. “Our general position is we’re for truthful, factual, accurate reporting that’s done in context.”
Exactly why the press is supposed to provide context to a live television event called by the President isn't clear. I suppose they could note that the President was exhausted from fund raising and golfing and is naturally prone to gaffes when speaking sans teleprompter. They might further note that to Obama the public sector is the economy and he doesn't have time to worry about every pipe fitter, beautician, and bus boy who can't find a job.

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