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Thursday, June 28, 2012

SCOTUS ruling was the worst thing that could happen for Obama

Shenandoah says this about today's ruling:
Actually, we won on almost all accounts. 
The Obamacare rulings have strengthened the Right's November election possibilities considerably - in my humble opinion 
The contempt vote was a no-brainer and the Black Caucus walkout showed how juvenile those folks can be when you take their ball. 
The ruling on lying about your country's service, war decorations, etc. was the only ruling that I disagree with as a whole... 
   I 'm not sure I can say we "won" today but the more I think about it and read, this situation isn't entirely bleak.
  How many times today did stations play the Obama snarkdown of George Stephanopoulous claiming the mandate was not a tax? Again Obama is proven to be a liar.
   The right and the TEA PARTY are energized and not going away but it's difficult to dismiss the discomfiting feeling that lawlessness is prevailing in this country. 
  The people can vote on and pass Prop 8 in California, but a gay judge can overrule it? 
  The people can en masse despise this destructive health care law, come to DC to protest, collect signatures (millions!) and this monstrosity goes forward because a few hundred people who will never have to live with it decide it's "good for the American people"?
  George Will says this fact that this hideous legislation was ruled a tax is a gift. 
  And Timothy Dalrymple has a completely different take from the prevailing wisdom in Five Possible Silver Linings in the Obamacare Decision including the fact that a tax is much easier to overturn in the Senate requiring only 51 votes rather than the 60 required to break a filibuster.  (Read the whole thing.)
  Dalrymple also says this defines the election, focuses it around this mess alone. It would've been great to have even the mandate struck and we could mock Obama for having wasted his entire presidency on pursuit of something no one wanted. Now, instead he has provide us with the same directive, the same focus the same goal that we've had for years.
  What a great incentive to hop on the Romney train.
  Considering Dems seem to be buying tickets too, for the Romney train, maybe there'll even be visitors named Conscience and Principle. At the least Expediency will be there
  Let's face it. Everyone hates this bill. Doctors are distraught; patients are angry.
  Wow. We might even call it an early October surprise." 

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