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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

A good night to watch MSNBC

  So MSNBC is looking pretty glum tonight. Rather than deal with the real political implications of the Walker blowout tonight, the commentators are consoling themselves that Wisconsin is "the least of Obama's problems."
  Old Rachel sneered, laughed, sneered that Wisconsin is safe in the Obama column for the fall.
  Honestly O'Donnell can barely hold his head up. The focus of the entire show is away from the ramifications of Walker and Kleefish blowing away the opposition.
  Old Rachel says, "People differentiate between politicians...It's going to be hard to see this as a bad night for Obama..."
  You just go on thinking' that, sweetie.
  Just go on now.
UPDATE: Some chickie just claimed that it was really sad that "big money" and "corporatism" really won in Wisconsin tonight. Huh. Apparently she's unaware that most of the money that poured into the state was from unions around the country.
  Maybe she's unaware that one district is rumored to have had a 119% turnout.
  And Lawrence O'Donnell is complaining about what the founders of the country "saddled us with. That's right. The United States Constitution."
  Apparently a bitter dude with bags under his eyes ain't too happy tonight with that magnificent document.
  Too bad. So Sad.