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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Another loyal Dem goes after Obama

  And so it all falls apart.
  The Obama campaign is losing it. We've long suspected that the people running this campaign are not only selfishly single minded, but just about as mean as junkyard dogs, something that disappears the minute the camera goes on.
  Opposition to Obama's policies has been limited. Those "pacifists" who called for Bush's impeachment because of the war have been quelled. Where's Cindy Sheehan? Is she still out there? Or is the media simply not covering her?
  Surprisingly criticism is now coming from Democrat corners, like, for example, the very liberal Daily Beast, where someone is just beginning to wonder why the POTUS gets off on his weekly approval of who he's going to order killed with drones. (Does that sound like a sci-fi movie or what?)
  Other Beast articles include reflections on why Obama has had such a bad week and another writer wails that Black enthusiasm for Obama is dead, though, of course, he's much better than "the Republicans," a carte blanche assertion the author is not afraid to put forth without embarrassment.
  The Netroots (commonly referred to as Nutroots by the conservative blogosphere) was full of commiseration, blame and attacks on their Beloved Son.
  Much of the criticism we've witnessed has been an effort to continue pushing Obama even further to the left but a subtle change in the attacks on Obama. In addition to the nut roots' complaints, mainstream Democrats are openly complaining about Obama's policies, gaffes and leftist ideology.
  Now comes a quite remarkable attack by the loyal Lanny Davis, a former Clinton operative, who acknowledges that the Obama people are "vicious" in their attacks not only on Romney, which is Obama's campaign strategy, but on anyone who disagrees with Obama and his people, like Cory Booker and Bill Clinton.
  Eerily prescient Ulsterman's predictions have come true, particularly the assertion that the campaign will use racism as a tool to get himself reelected. (Another prediction was that there will be a "manufactured threat" against POTUS--nothing real-- that will engender sympathy for the beleaguered POTUS. Holder has also not left yet.)
  Now more and more Dems are openly challenging Barack Obama's reign of terror.
  Here's the latest from Lanny Davis:


  1. ok, this is an idea that could turn the country into a one party system, its that powerful, read it this morning. if you read this you will see how liberalism could cease to exist and how ayn rand and fdrs perspective, low taxes and high entitlements, could be units

    its called hermetic philosophy on governance, and its tied to meritocracy and utilitarianism/indifferent legislation or indifferent game design (justice is blind). read this link first, the first paragraph on implicit meritocracy and then one that elaborates on the concept so you understand first what exactly I mean by a meritocracy one party by consensus:

    hermetic philosophy on governance, as well as other insights you may find interesting as well....

    you read this, you know how to dismantle the intellectual foundation of liberalism and also, unite both liberalism and conservatism (satisfying all political constituencies, progressives far right, low taxes high entitlement, charter zones for morality) into one perspective on tautology, an absolute truth based on the self justifying reality of the 'ism.' you won't be disappointed, read it.

  2. the tea party movement must cease to exist and become the hermetic movement of the inner mind for government, based on tautology of the ism , absolute truth. we can disagree on ideology but not on optimal efficiency and what is utilitarian.

  3. spread this to people in the tea party movement, especially congressmen....

    they might find it rather interesting.

  4. Logic is the greatest tyrant, and truth the greatest communist.

  5. read it, its right up your alley.....