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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Amid Record Turnout Sharpton Sees Voter Suppression

In a post yesterday I joked that Republicans were unable to suppress the vote in the Wisconsin recall election. According to the Wisconsin Government Accountability Board yesterday's election had the highest turnout of any gubernatorial election in state history. Unlike the rest of air heads at MSNBC who attribute the Walker win to lopsided spending while not bothering to explain why the Democrats could not raise cash to compete, arch dunce Al Sharpton finds the true GOP weapon, voter suppression. Record turnout and voter suppression usually don't happen in the same election but Sharpton never lets logic stand in the way.

“It really is a wake-up call, because despite that fact that clearly money was one of the main factors, it’s not going anywhere by November. If anything, I think that it has emboldened the right wing, it has emboldened these billionaires. There was all kinds of voter-suppression schemes from ID [cards required to vote], to not letting students vote and registration.”

"There was all kinds of voter-suppression... not letting students vote and registration." Oh please, from the same company that employed Edwin Newman who wrote Strictly Speaking and With a Civil Tongue comes this affirmative action hire who can't get subject-verb agreement right or even distinguish between a noun and a verb.


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