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Monday, March 5, 2012

Sandra Fluke: free gender changes for everyone!

  We usually try to avoid linking to items on the Drudge Report, but this particular link has been down off and on.
  Apparently Sandra Fluke thinks both the government and private health insurance are remiss and discriminatory if they do not pay for gender reassignment surgeries.
  She's not just a leftist activist.
  She's about as far wacko moonbat activist Occupier left as you can get.
  The first part of this excerpt is written by the College Politico; the italics are quoted from Sandra's proposition that private insurance and government pay for all these surgeries:
The section on discrimination against those seeking gender reassignment ends with Sandra Fluke and her co-editor wondering why more lawsuits aren’t filed against private employers on these grounds. Especially in comparison to the frequency with which these types of cases are filed against Medicare, Medicaid, and even the prison system:

The reason for this lack of cases is unclear. Private employee insurance plans do not more frequently cover this need, so it may be a sign that transgender employees do not see the courts as likely to provide any assistance against private employers.
The argument made in this article edited by Sandra Fluke and Karen Hu is quite clear. “Gender reassignment” is a medically necessary set of procedures that must be covered under employee provided health insurance policies. If it is not covered by those policies that is tantamount to discrimination and legal action should be taken against the employer. 
So, as you can see, Sandra Fluke is not what she is being sold as. Instead she is a liberal activist pushing some rather radical ideas. Keep that in mind as the left holds her up in the spotlight.
  We've discussed Sandra Fluke's activism before here and here and here
  Gee, I wonder why the government is flat busted broke. Why are companies going out of business. Why does the economy suck.
  I can't think why.

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