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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Hanoi Jane Fonda to Play Nancy Reagan in Film

It never ceases to amaze me how left-wing Hollywood can be so in-your-face these days.

Hanoi Jane Fonda is scheduled to play (of all people) Nancy Reagan in an upcoming film.  

The dichotomy blows my mind.

This traitor to our country gave aid and comfort to our enemies, the North Vietnamese, during the Vietnam war.  

Pictured in Hanoi, manning an anti-aircraft gun while on a mission with her traitorous friends including Ramsey Clark, she visited the Hanoi Hilton where POW's were tortured and held prisoners.

During her visit she was secretly handed messages from U.S. POW's which she promptly turned over to their NVA captors.  Those POW's were tortured unmercifully because of her traitorous acts.  

Some of those POW's were friends of mine.

In any other time, she would have been stood up against a wall, blindfolded and shot for treason.  In my mind, and in the mind of every Vietnam Vet, she is worse than scum.

This is one movie that I will not attend and we will never forget.


  1. I suppose what bothers me the most about this, beyond Cleveland having here in custody and letting her go, is that in the in the frontal mug shot she looks like too much like Jessica Alba (and she is hot).

  2. Remember she had notes passed to her by American POWs at great risk to themselves. She laughed and passed them back their North Vietnam captors, who tortured them, presumably after she had left.

    Never forget.