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Wednesday, March 21, 2012'd be happier if Tebow had been aborted?

  Apparently in New York City, you're not allowed to be a conservative, a Christian or even pro-life.
  NewsBusters reports on an MSNBC kerfuffle....but it's always at MSNBC these days, right...where a left wing writer is angry Tim Tebow has been traded to New York, apparently because Tebow, being alive, did a pro-life ad years ago that the leftie writer didn't like and he doesn't want Tebow, being a good guy, to have any influence on the stink of New York.
  So, I guess, the leftie writer would have preferred Tebow not exist.
ZIRIN: Exactly, because of who Tim Tebow is. I mean, it would be a circus if you let Rick Santorum loose in Las Vegas for a week and just kept a camera on him the whole time. I mean, Donald Trump in New York is ho-hum. He's practically a chameleon in New York. But with Tim Tebow you are talking about somebody who has a set of ideas, let's just say, that are different from the majority of New Yorkers. Now, I don't want to shock you, Tamron, but there are a lot of women in New York who use birth control. And I also don't want to shock you, but there are a lot of LGBT people that live in New York City who are also football fans and they might want to know why the new, possibly, starting quarterback for the New York Jets wants them to move backwards 30 or 40 years.
  "Moving backwards" is disagreeing with the pro-death mentality of the childless, botoxed, primped elite of New York who basically endorse the new communism.
  As my father would have said.

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