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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Revisionist history 17 minute video released!!!

  The spine of steel is revealed.
  The new POTUS 17 minute $350,000 is up.
  "He would not dwell in blame."
  "The tough decisions would reveal (dramatic pause) the character of the man."
  Long slow dramatic Ken Burns effect on photos scanned in between videos of "hope and changey" speeches.
  The President demanded action. He demanded people get along, work together.
  And health care. 
  Obamacare is solving all our budget problems because health care costs so much before Obamacare and Obamacare isn't going to swell the deficit by trillions of dollars. Oh, wait, Narrator Hanks doesn't mention that.
  I have to say. This is really bad. I especially like the voiceover of Biden saying, "He walked out of the room and it hit me. This man's all alone. He's all alone." 
  Cut to dramatic silhouette photo of Obama standing at an Oval Office window looking solemnly out on the lawn, his tiny pinhead resting securely on his scrawny shoulders. 
  And, of course, the dramatic 
  Hanks: "He restored science to its rightful place."
  What the heck does that mean? Instituted abortion without feeling for babies?
  Then he gets all the digs in at the Republicans.
  Because that's what leaders do.
  They divide, right?
  Part the waters. 

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