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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Rock on, Mitt!

  This moroon screams at Romney:

“You‘re all for like ’yay freedom and all this stuff and yay pursuit of happiness,’” the student said. “You know what would make me happy? Free birth control.” 
  To her, I say, like, "yay! FREEDOM!"   Romney, for a change, stands up to the idiot and tells the truth. He says vote for the other guy if you want free stuff.
  The problem with "free stuff" is that it ISN"T FREE.

  Hey, you lost THAT one, chickie pooh!
  Fork over your own bucks for your birth control.
  Get your hands off my wallet.
  I have to say this really sounds like a comedy routine. "You're like," and "stuff" and happiness is free condoms.

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