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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Obama docu greeted with catcalls and hoots, with good reason

  The Road We've Traveled, the 17 minute schlockumentary just unveiled to the American public about Obama's first term's "accomplishments," has opened to great hoots and hollers of derision.
  Critics have some legitimate complaints, in addition to mocking the fawning style, in the outright lies that are in the video.
  Even the Washington Post noticed the "errors," the one about Obama's mother not having insurance being the most glaring worth a full blog post to "clarify." Both Obamas have cited her illness and death as an example of why we needed to decimate our health care system in favor of one that degraded the quality of everyone's health care, as opposed to just a few.
  In fact, Dunham was extremely well paid, had excellent insurance, but wanted to nickel and dime the insurance company to completely cover all her expenses, even those not considered appropriate by the insurance company. These false statements are enumerated over at WaPo:
Scott writes that Dunham, who died in 1995 of uterine and ovarian cancer, had health insurance that “covered most of the costs of her medical treatment…The hospital billed her insurance company directly, leaving Ann to pay only the deductible and any uncovered expenses, which, she said, came to several hundred dollars a month.” 
Dunham had filed the disability claim to help pay for those additional expenses. The company denied the claim because her doctor had suspected uterine cancer during an office visit 2 ½ months before Dunham had started the job with Development Alternatives, though Dunham said the doctor had not discussed the possibility with cancer with her. Dunham requested a review from CIGNA, saying she was turning the case over to “my son and attorney Barack Obama.”
  Over at doom and gloomer Beck's The Blaze, we learn the origin of the title "The Road We've Traveled," and the case they make is a good one, complete with a graphic of the original by the same name.
During his Monday morning radio broadcast, Beck reiterated an important observation he made last Friday, and discussed the uncanny resemblance Obama’s movie bears to a book titled, ”The Road We Are Traveling 1914-1942.”
Written by FDR-admirer Stuart Chase, the book focuses on America once it has dispensed with free enterprise entirely. Chase wrote that while he could call this new society “communist, state capitalist, or fascist,“ he preferred the more ambiguous ”Political System X.” 
  Of course, the line that delivered the most laughs in the "documentary" was this:
"Not since the days of Franklin Roosevelt had so much fallen on the shoulders of one president. Now when he faced his country who looked to him for answers, he would not dwell in blame or dream in idealism," narrator Tom Hanks said in the Obama biopic "The Road We've Traveled." 
  We're just surprised Obama had time to sit for any interviews in between blaming everyone else for every thing that ever went wrong with his failed policies, including Fox News for claiming he's a Muslim. I personally watch FNC a great deal and have never heard that breathed on that network.
  Rush did a great send up of this in August, 2011. You can watch it here.
  Or you can follow a Google list here. Page after page after page of Obama blames (fill in the blank).
  Then there're always the Founding Fathers to blame.

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