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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Stand Up for Religious Freedom, Toledo, Ohio

  Friday, March 23, a rally was held in Toledo to support religious freedom in the United States. In attendance were a number of Catholic high school students, assorted Catholic worshipers and religious notaries including Father Blair of the Diocese. Also substantially in attendance were people of other (or no) faith, including Tea Partiers who support religious freedom and oppose the HHS mandate.
  My guess is that there were about 6-700 people in attendance; there were even hecklers there, though not for long or too loudly.
  Here are a few pics:

  Here's the video from Channel Eleven.
  Note the woman who "disagreed" with the rally; she's the one with the red hair. She deposited herself at the rally with 2 other women and one man and shouted a few nasty things, including "Stop lyin'!" to the female speaker and then lumbered off when someone started taping her.
  In truth she and her little band were probably there a total of ten minutes, just long enough to disrupt, complain to the high schoolers standing around them and be interviewed by the press, who eagerly sought her out.
  After their interview, they lumbered off down the sidewalk, one dancing in glee. They were wearing nametags, so I assume they were on their "break" from a local business. Gee, I wonder which one.

Here's our video with excerpts from the rally.

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