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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Is Obama in panic mode?

  I don't know about you, but I've been seeing video commercials for Barack Obama and hearing them on the radio, along with 20 or so PSAs per hour about hunger (what. They didn't get the message from the government about free food stamps?), getting along, racial diversity, free loans ETC.
  Why is the BO campaign running those ads so early? It's like he can't get off the stage for even a minute. Plus they must be worried about his standing in the polls.
  Karl Rove speculates about the amount of cash Obama's been raising and how fast his campaign is burning through it and the many obstacles his campaign faces. Several he didn't mention were having such a dud for a candidate and the fact that Middle Eastern countries aren't as cushy with the unverified cash this time around.
The final financial challenge facing Mr. Obama's campaign is how fast it is burning through the cash it is raising. Compare the 2012 Obama re-election campaign with the 2004 Bush re-election campaign. Mr. Obama's campaign spent 25% of what it raised in the second quarter of 2011, while Mr. Bush's campaign spent only 9% in the second quarter of 2003. In the third quarter it was 46% for Obama versus 26% for Bush; for the fourth quarter it was 57% versus 40%. In January 2012 the Obama campaign spent 158% of what it raised, while the Bush campaign spent 60% in January 2004.
 It's an interesting read. One has to wonder how many times Obama can go back to the same wells over and over and expect to cart away wheelbarrels of cash in return for a few spuds, a 1 ounce dish of creme brulee and an autographed! photograph of Barack and Michelle! majestically posed on thrones wearing crowns.
  Did y'all notice how nasty the POTUS gets when he's worried about the unwashed masses' loyalty. Did y'all notice how mean he gets? How divisive and petty?

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