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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Why can't we just get along?

    After reading some of the media snipes on Sarah Palin AGAIN, I have come to the conclusion ..NO. I try, really try to see things from different points of view, but I just must say it...I am just sick and tired of the assumptions that certain candidates are "stupid" or "too smart" or "not cool"or "tea baggers"  and for that reason we should either not vote for them .... or throw them out of office.
   Since when has the American electorate voted based on intellect? I mean really, you would think this is some kind of high school quiz bowl. Like if someone really debated well, we would just hand them the presidency. Are you kidding? Did any of you really hang out with someone on the debate team?
    I am older now, not in high school and not voting or defending my friends. I am just looking at what every employer is looking for in an employee.... WHO THE HECK IS THIS PERSON? You can coach people on answers and may even make one candidate look smarter than others, but at the end of the day I really want to know "will they work for the country, me and my fellow citizens?" Will they work hard? Will they look for smart and hard working people to work for them?
    Or is their EGO too big to allow someone else to have a good idea, even if it is from the other party?
    So, keep throwing stones, calling people stupid and half the country idiots....yep ..that will unify this country. I didn't say agree on everything... I said unify... if anyone running for office thinks otherwise, I really wonder.... what kind of person would vote for a leader that is looking to separate people? Segregation is not gone... it just isn't by color is by values and opinions.
    The nation and the people deserve better.


  1. If you can find the time listen to Jack Cashill on CSpan Book TV at Cashill makes the point that all the Democrat are portrayed as great intellectuals while Sarah Palin and Dan Quale are exhibited as not too bright examples of the typical Republican. He cites one essay written by Obama in which in 1800 words Obama has five sentence where the subject and verb do not agree. Bill Bradley had a 485 on the English section of his SAT which at Princeton would put him in the bottom 1 % of his class

  2. Welcome to Paladin for his first commentary!

    There are all different kinds of intelligences, too. Some people are book smart. Some not so much. I knew a National Merit Finalist who was fired for trying to heat a metal teapot in the microwave.

    The whole "smart" mentality is really, well, stupid anyway. Liberals like to THINK they're smarter than everyone else. Have you received that email that brags about the SAT scores of blue states being so much higher than red states?

    Oh, really? Well, those really smart people fell for a HOAX

    In addition, how SMART could all those blue states and cities be since they're all in debt. Huge debt.

    Yeah. Really smart.