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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Windmills and sun energy are progressive; Repubs "Flat Earth Society"

  Ok, well, buggies are next.
  So The Prince goes before an audience and, while his VP (the future king) claims he has a "spine of steel" in Toledo, The Prince takes time out of his busy, fundraising day to mock and ridicule his opponents.
  They're part of the "flat earth society," apparently, unlike The Prince who, as a great proponent of algae, solar and wind power, is progressive in his belief that energy originates in anything but oil.
  Let's just say "To Dream the Impossible Dream" of energy, is the job of the impossible dreamer.
I am I, Barack Obama, The Lord of the nation, My destiny calls and I go, And the wild winds of fortune Will carry me onward, Oh whithersoever they blow! 
   So, yes, Barack Hussein Obama, people have been thinking windmills and solar power as energy sources for quite a few years.
  And it's been about as successful as THIS:

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