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Monday, March 26, 2012

Things you may not know about Trayvon/Zimmerman

  The press and the grievance lobby have leaped on certain facts about the Trayvon Martin/ George Zimmerman case, yet completely ignored or have been uninterested in other pertinent facts. Thousands of dollars have been offered to find and/or kill Zimmerman and even Hollywood's Spike Lee has gotten into the act by posting Zimmerman's home address repeatedly on Twitter.
  Though currently sentiment is running high against Zimmerman, this may change soon as more becomes known. The sad truth is, as Powerline exposes the facts, that those who are agitating for the head of Zimmerman ignore Black crimes in other neighborhoods.
  This post is not to defend Zimmerman; we don't know all the facts yet. The idea is that we don't return to the days of racial lynching simply because of public sentiment, particularly based on erroneous or biased reporting.
  Did you think about this?
  • Zimmerman's father is white, his mother Hispanic. Why should this make a difference? 
  • If he were the victim, would he be described as Hispanic? 
  • Did Black anti-semitic leaders such as Farrakhan and Jackson initially think Zimmerman is Jewish?
  • Why do we need to know Zimmerman cried for days? Why is his race so important?
  • Media has described Zimmerman as being a "serial caller" to the police and a zealous pseudocop. Apparently this makes him bad. Yet how many times have you heard that Zimmerman's neighborhood has suffered a "rash of break-ins", "numerous burglaries" "including one three doors away in which burglars took a TV and laptops"in recent days?
  • What's the point of a neighborhood watch if the watchers are criticized for calling police? UPDATE: Just heard on the radio that Zimmerman called fewer times than previously reported. 
  • Why was Trayvon's photograph Photoshopped? Why are so many younger photos of him as young as 12 being used?
  • A witness says Zimmerman was the victim. Have you heard that?
  • Zimmerman's neighborhood is diverse, 50% white, 50% minority.
  • Zimmerman mentored two Black children. Their parents do not feel he's a racist.
  • Trayvon Martin was suspended from school for ten days just prior to the incident. Why? You don't get suspended from school for ten days for tardiness, as some have claimed, but for "being in an unauthorized area"?
  • Why were Trayvon's school records sealed if he has no behavioral history?
  • Trayvon was staying with his father many miles away from his home school during his school suspension.
Here are the school guidelines for ten day suspension, available here:
A principal may suspend a student from school for one (1) to ten (10) days for
persistent disobedience and/or serious misconduct.  Principals take this action
when they have exhausted informal corrective strategies, or when they have at least considered those alternatives and rejected them as inappropriate in a given situation. Outdoor suspension is appropriate under the following conditions:
The student’s presence in school presents a physical danger to the student or others;
• A “cooling off” period is needed  to relieve tensions and relieve pressure; and/or
• The student and/or parent/guardian refuse an alternative to suspensio
For which of these offenses was Trayvon suspended for ten days? ANSWER: drug possession. Question: How is that "being in an unauthorized area," as previously reported at the school?
  • At 17, Trayvon Martin was heavily tattooed and had gold teeth. This image does not fit with the media narrative.
  • Trayvon's recently deleted Twitter account name was NO_LIMIT_NIGGA.
  • Gang activity?
  • Zimmerman, according to witnesses, was beaten by Trayvon, slamming his head into the sidewalk and initially knocking him down with one punch. 
  • Although Zimmerman was heavier than Trayvon, Trayvon was younger and taller.
  • Trayvon was a former football player, a "swift athlete" who loved sports, actively involved in sports in previous years.
  • Although the media has reported that Trayvon had no police record, "only serious felonies appear on juveniles' public criminal records."
Wagist has more here.
  Another comparison of the photos going around. 
  Sharpton is in Detroit tonight to protest this. One of the reverends said on WJR this morning the new meme: You can wear a hoodie and be a goodie" or something brilliant like that. Previously people understood that types of clothing signify behaviors.
H/T Shenandoah
Again, this is not to excuse criminal behavior, if it is proven.
The truth should not have an AGENDA.
This blog post was UPDATED at 3:18: 
Where'd this new witness appear from miraculously? Why wasn't she around before the uproar?
UPDATE II: Hannity claims the marijuana suspension is irrelevant, that the kid was just getting candy and iced tea. Well, first. Does Hannity know anything about the effects of Mary Jane? Second, if the young man was a user and perhaps a dealer, as some suspect from seeing postings on his Facebook and  Twitter accounts, that certainly has relevance.
UPDATE III: Lots emerging about Trayvon's troubled behavior, including a suspicion that he had jewelry that didn't belong to him in his backpack. He was suspended a number of times for other reasons, dropped out of sports and was on a troubled path, all of which the parents claim is irrelevant. His mother has trademarked his name. Read it here.


  1. Excellent post, TP@P!

    The race baiters of this country, Sharpton, Jackson, the New Black Panthers Party NBPP (which is closely associated with the Nation of Islam (NOI), Main Stream Media, et al may soon find out that this was indeed another case like the Duke lacrosse players.

    Guilty until proven, beyond all shadow of doubt, innocent.

    It is turning out that Trayvon was probably exactly like what Obama's mythical son would have been like - a gangsta!

  2. Good post! This thing has just lived in my subconscious and I haven't questioned the fact. It looks like this is being run by somebody. It's another Sandra Fluke case.

  3. Note the dropped info on drug possession for school suspension. They are now saying the boy has no criminal record. Really? The school didn't turn him in? Really? What else don't we know.

    Like I said, I'm not rushing to judgment. I'm just saying facts are dribbling in slowly on the Zimmerman side.

  4. THis is why we need Obamacare, so teabaggers can get the mandatory psychiatric care you need. We also need to psychiatrically regulate the preachers and teachers that create such creatures! And we should put lithium in the water supply.

  5. Wow. You are really lucid. Wonder where you went to school.

  6. @Vernon -- I’m not saying you’re stupid. I’m just saying you’ve got really bad luck when it comes to thinking.