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Friday, March 23, 2012

Lies and deceit among fools

  We're competing, of course, for the most ludicrous story in the news these days.
  You have Obama claiming his administration is cutting red tape by allowing a drilling project to go forward, even though he has absolutely no jurisdiction in the matter and even though the project had been in place for years already.
  Then you have him contradicting himself, claiming there's no "silver bullet" to lowering gas prices, even though oil companies who do all the work make FIVE CENTS profit on each gallon of gas while taxes on each gallon of gas run as high as SEVENTY CENTS per gallon.
 So he goes on tv and lies about the amount of oil this country uses and has as a natural resource. We produce much more than the 2 percent (15) Obama claims, and have access to much more, if we'd only drill there.
  While he lies he also mocks the truth.
  Then you have First Solar selling solar panels to itself and charging the taxpayers. Once again, the taxpayers are only incidentally considered when it comes to cost, even as the huge debt piles up during his term.
Here's the road of subsidies these solar panels followed from Perrysburg, Ohio, to St. Clair, Ontario. 
First Solar is an Arizona-based manufacturer of solar panels. In 2010, the Obama administration awarded the company $16.3 million to expand its factory in Ohio -- a subsidy Democratic Gov. Ted Strickland touted in his failed re-election bid that year. 
In September 2011, Ex-Im approved $455.7 million in loan guarantees to subsidize the sale of solar panels to two solar farms in Canada. That means if the solar farm ever defaults, the taxpayers pick up the tab, ensuring First Solar gets paid.
  And to compound the offenses, we have that ridiculous 17 minute propaganda film full of lies. "He would not dwell in blame" reverberates around the country, even as Obama blames anyone in sight.
  This compounds the lie that the Obamas perpetuate about Stanley Ann Dunham's death and her lack of health insurance, which is absolutely untrue. She had health insurance but wanted all her bills, including plane flights, paid for by an additional insurance, yet the Obamas continue to act as if she had nothing at all.
  In addition, Michelle Obama is lying by also saying Obama's grandmother was the VP of an "itty bitty bank" but had hit a glass ceiling that wouldn't allow her to advance because she was a female. CNS:
  She was referring to the president’s grandmother, Madelyn Dunham, who was the first female vice president of the Bank of Hawaii. Barack and Michelle Obama’s 2009 tax return, posted on the White House website, indicates the Obamas inherited almost $500,000 worth of the bank’s stock from the president’s grandmother.
  Again. Untrue.
  Is there no honor among these people? 
  You know, people get fired for telling lies, using false stories to create an impression and manipulating facts to their own liking. 

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  1. "You know, people get fired for telling lies, using false stories to create an impression and manipulating facts to their own liking."

    I sure hope so!