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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Gas guzzler Obamas mock citizens

  So Obama proclaims that those who don't ascribe to his very progressive philosophies of algae, windmills and the sun as primary sources of energy to fly Air Force One are flat earthers.
   Obama interprets his opponents' opposition to dependence on alternative fuels as being regressive, as "flat earthers." 
  He's missed, apparently, the billions of taxpayer dollars he's wasted on these failing industries; he's missed the fact that they don't work. 
  He's missed the problem that there are no green algae charging stations around the country. 
  And he obviously seems unaware that he is the one who's shutting down the coal industry which powers the very electrical charging stations needed to run cars like the Volt.
  And this is an effective campaign strategy?
  This gets all the boobbleheads behind him laughing and applauding like ninnies?
  Okay, well, how about this?
  Didja think about tryin' to fly to Ohio for a game the other day with algae in your plane tank because that cost American taxpayers at least $400,000?
  Didja think about tellin' your wife to suck it up to bear the odious burden of flying on the same plane as YOU to Hawaii because THAT gas guzzler cost the American taxpayers almost $200,000 an hour to fly? 
  In fact, that round trip cost was an additional $4 MILLION to taxpayers.
  Do you or your sneering boobleheads actually THINK about the words that come out of your mouth?
  Or are you and your ilk just so comfortable making fun of American citizens that you don't have to even make sense anymore?
  Nobody wants to blow fistfuls of cash on gas. Alternative fuels simply aren't capable of doing what fossil fuels do.
  I'm waiting for Air Force One or even the POTUS mobile to pull up to a green algae charging station.

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