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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Trayvon's tweets

  Hey, we're old here at Tea Party at Perrysburg and, thus, in some ways probably more provincial than the mainstream of today's youth. Sure, we swear now and then when we get really worked up, but the kind of language we're lookin' at at this Tweeter is pretty raw.
  Daily Caller has obtained the tweets of the "innocent child" Trayvon Martin and they're pretty raunchy. His handle was NO_LIMIT_NIGGA.
  Here are some of the things his tweets revealed, although us old folks probably need an interpreter to understand most of the tweets:

  • He warns friends against asking specifically through Twitter for certain, um, items, suggesting some to speculate he was dealing drugs.
  • He bragged about being tardy to class repeatedly, bragging he was "cool" with the teacher and implying it wasn't a problem.
  • He brags about sex, mocks someone for giving it away for free. Lots of graphic sexual references.

There's more here, if you care to ruin your day with the depressing attitudes and language of today's "innocent children."

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