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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Why Does Evolution Kill Black People?

You have to admit this is one of those questions you never thought of. "Why does evolution kill black people?" The young lady goes berserk when the professor refuses to answer her question. This is one of those questions I would like someone such as Romney or Obama get to get at a town hall. "More than twice as many people of all races are killed by intelligent design every year than have been killed by evolution since Darwin sailed on the Beagle," would probably get applause from Democratic audiences.


  1. Are you retarded? Evolution does not kill black people or any other people. This girl is just simply nuts.

  2. @Anonymous -- If you would take the minute or so that it took to read the explanation below the video on Youtube, you would realize that the "simply nuts" person in the video asked that direct question to the professor.

    I agree, the woman is mentally disturbed, but she did threaten to kill the professor who could not answer her unanswerable question.

    If I had been the professor she would have been told to leave the room immediately.

    You are certainly entitled to your opinion, but you are not entitled to the facts.

  3. The fact is that evolution does NOT kill people. Black people, white people, Asians. Not anybody. And if you think does you are clearly mislead.

  4. Uh.

    Did you WATCH the video, anonymous? Geez. This is what the crazy girl keeps saying. The title of this blog post is quoting what she's saying.


  5. @Anonymous: Perhaps you simply cannot understand this video. No one is answering the question: not me, not Shenandoah, not the professor, and most especially -- not you. Yet you emphatically state, "Evolution does not kill black people or any other people." Without facts, such statements will never be taken as fact. The professor knew that and, as such, made no attempt to pass off an emotional response as a fact.

    Obviously, this individual is unbalanced. One question and no response should not have tipped her toward such disastrous behavior.

    Even more disconcerting in this video for me, though, is that no one called security, and the laughter after she was removed. I'll assume that was nervous laughter and more like a traumatic release of emotion, because the thought of a classroom of adults thinking this was funny is more than I can stomach.

  6. @Anonymous, actually evolution does kill (people, animals, flora and fauna). It is called survival of the fittest. Over the eons, the fit survive, the others die.

    Stupidity is a "black ball" when it comes to survival...

  7. I think she's probably a communications major. She'll fit right in.

  8. Completely ridiculous... everyone dies. Evolution does not kill them.

  9. Really? Everyone dies?

    I did not know that.

  10. lol are you people taking this question seriously? "Why does evolution kill black people?' Really? Evolution kills all people who refuse to keep up with a changing world. That's what it does. Get over your race, death comes to us all. And Kate Meigs? Who the hell do you think those people were who took her away at the end? You're right about the nervous laughter though; if you've ever been caught in a situation where danger seems possible like someone having a violent breakdown nearby, once you've reached a point of safety laughter is the best way to regain your sense of calm.

  11. Would you say that natural selection greatly reduced the native American population? They had very little natural immunities to European diseases and while epidemics killed many white the same diseases wiped out entire Indian populations. So today and in future years the American population reflect many fewer Indian traits than had they enjoyed the same resistances as white Europeans. To put it crassly,Indians were genetically inferior.

  12. @Anonymous, do you seriously believe that anyone gives any credence to the black student's question, "Why does evolution kill black people?" For Christ's sake -- NO!

    The whole post was sarcasm, which is one of the ways that people cope with idiots like the student and situations that people like her engender. I don't actually think the student was "sick" or deranged or anything other than throwing an adult tantrum when she was ignored (and rightly so) by the professor. She also very easily could have been on drugs. Her behavior was unacceptable and she was arrested.

    I have seen this behavior before when I lived in downtown Philadelphia. It is on the news daily. It is invariably the black youths who commit these crimes whether it be in a McDonalds in Philadelphia or a public park in Chicago. It is black youths against whites and there is a name for it - black flash mobs. This student said she was going to KILL the professor.

    Now you can get off whatever high horse rant you are on, you have completely misread the intent of the writer of this particular post.

    This student was looking for a sympathetic audience to rally around her pathetic uneducated plea.

    1. lmao you sir, are taking this way too seriously.

  13. Hello, I thought I'd weigh in for a second, since there seems to be some confusion about semantics.

    Evolution is a theory, just like gravity. Theories cannot kill people.

    When you fall off a building to your death, gravity is not what killed you. The force of impact at terminal velocity is what kills you.

    Evolution does not kill people. Evolution includes the concept of natural selection which is is the theory that genes allow some species to survive some conditions and other species to die. So these conditions (i.e. temperature, light) and sensitivity to disease is what kills people.

    Learn how to use a dictionary.

  14. The question might be "Where did she get the idea that evolution killed black people?" She was said to have asked the question 4 times. Who is poisoning the minds of our children. I feel sorry for her. Someone is pushing this nutty theory to stir up trouble and the poor girl became 'cannon fodder'.